Ysidora Pico

antique photograph of Ysidora Pico

Ysidora Pico

screen cap of ".Re/act" website

screen cap of #1850charla tweetchat

Ysidora Pico de Forster (1808 — 1883)

Born 206 years ago, Ysidora Pico is back in 21st century transmedia splendor courtesy of her descendant Christa Forster. Forester has performed her ancestor:

  1. On stage
  2. As an avatar in the virtual world SL
  3. On the co-creation website .Re/act
  4. In an ancestor tweetchat #1850charla.

Christa Forster performing live in Houston

Ysidora Pico's avatar surveying a mountain range in SL

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  1. xtaforster 15/03/2014 at 02:32 #

    Wow. I love this, Vanessa! And that last pic of @YsidoraPico is resplendent!

    • Vanessa Blaylock 15/03/2014 at 02:58 #

      Thanks Xta! As you know, I’ve been interested in Art & Culture Identities for a long time! When I posted

      @nickvlcek tweeted back with a comment about Donelle Woolford (who I had to look up! 🙂
      Reading about her oeuvre made me finally go for it and start this “directory.” I don’t really mean for it to be exhaustive, since those things can be endless and have lots of minimal stub posts. Instead I’d like to work on however many “feature” posts that have a bit of rich media so you can get some sort of feel for the individual.

      After starting with Woolford, Ysidora Pico seemed like the obvious next choice. Neither post is very substantive ATM. I hope to get a skeleton structure up and then fill out the posts and add new ones at a sort of random rate as time goes by. Having even something minimal that you can add a name to when you’re thinking about someone, is better than constantly thinking you should put something up.

      Of course if you or anyone wants to do a post on anyone you know about, for example Opal Whiteley, that’d be great!

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