Zygmunt Jasman

Rudolf Nureyev & Margot Fonteyn sit on a rehearsal studio floor in a conversation during a rehearsal break

After his 1961 defection from the Soviet Union in Paris, Rudolf Nureyev was inivted to visit London by Margot Fonteyn. On his first visit to discuss Fonteyn’s upcoming charity gala, Nureyev used the alias “Zygmunt Jasman.” Jasman was a real Polish dancer who was also on the program. Fonteyn continued to call Nureyev “Jazz” and […]

Ysidora Pico


Ysidora Pico de Forster (1808 — 1883) Born 206 years ago, Ysidora Pico is back in 21st century transmedia splendor courtesy of her descendant Christa Forster. Forester has performed her ancestor: On stage As an avatar in the virtual world SL On the co-creation website .Re/act In an ancestor tweetchat #1850charla. What’s on [My] Mind […]